This library is for visualizing moving objects and the additional info of them using Deck.GL ( developed by UBER.

This software is developed mainly by Kawaguchi lab, supported by JST OPERA (Program on Open Innovation Platform with Enterprises, Research Institute and Academia).



  • Install node, npm. The version of node.js has been confirmed in v14.17.X.

  • Acquire Mapbox accesstoken

npm install

npm install harmoware-vis

Github install & Run the software

git clone
cd Harmoware-VIS
npm install
# example bus3d
npm run bus3d
# example real-time-sample
npm run real-time-sample
# example visualize-sample
npm run visualize-sample

Tutorial to use Harmoware-VIS from npm.


Compatible with version 1.6.x of Harmoware-VIS.