This library is for visualizing moving objects and the additional info of them using Deck.GL ( developed by UBER.


This document has ceased to be updated as of November 2021.
Please use the following qiita site from now on.
This software is developed mainly by Kawaguchi lab, supported by JST OPERA (Program on Open Innovation Platform with Enterprises, Research Institute and Academia).



  • Install node, npm. The version of node.js has been confirmed in v14.17.X.
  • Acquire Mapbox accesstoken

npm install

npm install harmoware-vis

Github install & Run the software

git clone
cd Harmoware-VIS
npm install
# example bus3d
npm run bus3d
# example real-time-sample
npm run real-time-sample
# example visualize-sample
npm run visualize-sample

Tutorial to use Harmoware-VIS from npm.


Compatible with version 1.7.x of Harmoware-VIS.
Last modified 1yr ago